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Next level thinking is all about inspiring the minds of all. If you’re a business owner, teacher, employee, mother, father, and much more this podcast is for you! We are all about pushing you so that you can obtain the lifestyle you want while providing words of encouragement.

Chris was great! He really knows how to engage with you and ask the right questions at the right times! Very positive guy and very understanding of what it takes to get to the next level! BOSS UP!

-Bryan Humphrey

Go Get It!

Great guy doing some great things! #nextlevel

Chip Baker

The subject matter, discussion, the guests, and the style of the interview reflects today’s young intellectual mindset and economical struggles to self achievement. Outstanding work by Mr. Holmes. In my effort to offer some room for improvement, I would suggest shouting out some of the networking and organizational websites dedicated to those wanting to reach the entrepreneurship arena. Be encouraged and continue to increase brother.

Mr. Official TG3

This was an Awesome Experience to work with Chris Holmes! He was so professional and very insightful about the subject matter. Great job Chris! Thanks again for the opportunity!




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The Host

Chris Holmes

Chris Holmes is an entrepreneur that has published five books “100 Testimonies of a Young Soul”, “Just Another Black Voice”, “Steps to Manhood”, “Overcoming Mountains” and “The 10 Pillars of Success.” He is the owner of “Soul Productions, LLC.” While pursuing his BBA in Business at Sam Houston State University, he is understanding that communication is the main priority when it comes to advertising and negotiating with partners. He obtained his BBA in Business on August 5th, 2016. Chris Holmes is now chasing the dream using his talents in photography, social media marketing, poetry, spoken word and much more, as he leaves a positive impact in the communities speaking. Lastly, he is the host of the podcast bringing guests around the globe on Next Level Thinking.

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