Next Level Thinking Jeremy ep. 205


What’s up are you ready to grab the mic?  Jeremy Anujula goes by the stage name Big jay Rizzle. He has a sound that is rooted in southern culture and vernacular but is also high energy and big vibes. A native of Houston, TX, he has a versatile cadence and style that allows each track to have unique sonics. Not many artists can tout the relatability and perspective Big Jay brings to his music. He attributes this to his ghetto upbringing in Third Ward and his time at Sam Houston State University. Music is his only talent as he also is a finance and accounting professional.  Big Jay is much more than a rapper. He is co-founder of House of Raps, which is a collective of creatives in all forms of art. Personally, he is well versed in finance, politics, current events, and food. Big Jay is clearly passionate about food as he proclaims himself the Gordon Ramsey of the ghetto. He also gets the bigger picture about issues going on in the black community. Big Jay promotes self-confidence and love, which is most evident in the video to his latest single BIG Ft. Beatking. The purpose of the video was to show that being BIG is sexy, bold, and turnt which Big Jay also embodies.  

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